Wilbur Wright Day Luncheon 2023

Join us for our Second Annual Wilbur Wright Day Celebration on April 14th, 2023

The Celebration will include a keynote speaker, a luncheon and a silent auction.

The event runs from 11AM-2PM and features Dr. Peter L. Jakab, Senior Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

The luncheon is open to the public and there will be a fee for the lunch.

Sponsors and partners will be recognized as part of the event. The event is free for First Flight Society Lifetime members, while individual members will get lunch at a discount. An additional highlight will be a silent auction to raise money for First Flight Society programs. The auction will include signed items from FFS Honorary Members.

Dr. Jakab is responsible for the NASM exhibit The Wright Brothers & The Invention of the Aerial Age, a major gallery featuring the original 1903 Wright Flyer.

His publications include the books Visions of a Flying Machine: The Wright Brothers and the Process of Invention (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1990); The Published Writings of Wilbur and Orville Wright (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2000), and The Wright Brothers and The Invention of the Aerial Age (National Geographic Society, 2003), the companion book to the exhibition.

The emcee of the luncheon is Paul Carr as “The Spirit of Wilbur Wright”. FFS President Mike Fonseca will do a short presentation about the future of the Society. Dr. Jakab will also be signing books after his presentation. Wilbur Wright Day is April 16th but this year the luncheon will be on the 14th. Wilbur Wright was born on April 16, 1867, near Millville, Indiana, the middle child in a family of five children